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Now that your lawn, shrubs, trees and flowers are thriving how do you best enjoy all these things? The answer is "hardscaping". Hardscaping encompasses all the decorative and practical structures in your yard/garden such as patios, paths, walls, driveways, fountains, fences and benches.

If you enjoy choosing materials hardscaping will be a creative playground for you. Choose from wood, brick, stone, tile, concrete, metal, glass and pretty much any other material you can fathom.

Overwhelmed by choice? No worries, Glenwood Garden Works has extensive experience planning, designing and constructing hardscapes for all budgets. Contact us to share your vision!

Pathways & Walkways
Retaining Walls

Pathways & Walkways


Pathways and walkways help finish a yard, prevent unsightly paths from being worn in and keep dirt from being tracked into your home and onto your patio.

Choose from rock, concrete, brick, bark mulch and any other material you can envision to create beautiful paths that lead you and the eye into and through your garden.



Fences are great for privacy, aesthetics, security, protecting your yard from the elements and for plants to creep up.

From lattice work to stone walls we can make it happen.


Patio and Garden

Patios are the epicentre of any garden, lounge, drink and feast with family and friends on your deck.

Glenwood can help you design and build a patio that fits your space, needs and budget.

Retaining Walls


Retaining walls can be practical and aestheticlly to your landscaping. There are so many great materials to choose from your bound to find something that fits with your style.

Lawn/Sod Installation Service
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