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Lawn Care Service | Victoria BC

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We are experts at growing and maintaining strong, healthy, and sustainable lawns. We cater to residential and commercial customers looking for on going year round maintenance and we also provide one time lawn renovation services.Use the quick links to the right or scroll down to learn more about our lawn maintenance services.

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Lawn Mowing Service
Lawn Edging Service
Lawn Fertilizing Service
Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn Mowing Service


Lawn mowing may seem like the most basic of tasks but did you know mowing at the right time, interval, correct height all effect the health of your lawn?

Glenwood Garden Works has been maintaining healthy lawns for the residents and businesses of Victoria for over two decades.

Lawn service always include edging, collection and disposal of grass clippings and some free advice on how to improve your lawn if needed.

Lawn Aeration Service


Aeration is one of the fastest and best ways to get a thick, green, healthy lawn.

Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of turf which breaks up the thatch, the layer of dead grass that builds up over time on any lawn, and allows for more water, oxygen and fertilizer to reach your lawn's roots.

If your lawn has bare patches, too much thatch, or pools of water after the rain, Glenwood's aeration service is probably the answer.

Lawn/Sod Installation Service

Rolled Grass

Sod installation is that fastest way to go from no lawn to show lawn! You can also use it to patch up dead spots or when you'd like to change grass types.

Sod is extremely heavy and messy too install so having a professional do it is the easiest way.

At Glenwoood Garden Works we can do an on-site evaluation to determine which grass will work best and identify any landscape issues that may cause short or longterm problems before we commence work.

Lawn Edging Service


Edging is like mascara for your lawn and garden, it defines the edges and results in a crisp, clean finished look.

At Gleenwood we edge every garden bed, driveway, fence, wall and path and tame any of those places our lawn mowers couldn't reach.

Power Raking Service


Power raking is the way you deal with serious thatch problems, that layer of dead, yellow-brown grass that is hindering your lawn's growth and a bit of an eyesore.

Our power raking machine is about the size of a lawn mower uses mechanical flails to dig the thatch out of your lawn so it can thrive again.

Lawn Fertilizing Service


Keeping your lawn green on Vancouver Island is a little easier thanks to our abundance of wet weather but remember your lawn gets hungry too!

Ideally you should fertilize it every 6-8 weeks to give it the nutrients and minerals it needs to stay healthy and fight off those pesky weeds that are always trying to take hold.

Lawn Seeding Service


Whether you're starting a new lawn or trying to thicken up your existing one lawn seeding is an economical and satisfying way to expand and improve your lawn.

To ensure the best results, we advise on the best season/weather to begin seeding, prescribe the optimal mix of grass seed for your growing area, and use our lawn seeding machine to ensure thick, uniform distribution.

Power Raking Service
Lawn Seeding Service
Lawn/Sod Installation Service
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