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We are experts at growing and maintaining strong, healthy, and sustainable lawns. We cater to residential and commercial customers looking for on going year round maintenance and we also provide one time lawn renovation services.Use the quick links to the right or scroll down to learn more about our lawn maintenance services.

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Lawn Mower Selection Support

Lawn Mowing Service

Professionally mowed lawns typically feature healthier grass, are better equipped to resist weeds. Glenwood Garden Works offers the following lawn mowing benefits:

  • Lawns mowed to proper height based on growth and type of grass

  • Trimming and edging near sidewalks or curbs

  • All grass clippings blown and collected from sidewalks or driveways

  • Bagging and disposal of all lawn clippings

  • Fair pricing and reliable service

For over two decades, residents and businesses of Victoria, BC have trusted Glenwood Garden Works with their lawn mowing needs. Contact us for a free quote.


Lawn Edging Service

Lawn edging can gives you a crisp and clean look in the yard or the garden and there are lots of nice ways to define the flower beds and to make all transitions smooth and beautiful.

Mowing the lawn makes your yard look neater, but for a truly manicured appearance, it helps to finish by edging the grass along the driveway, walkways and flower beds. You have several options for edging, but the affordable and widely sold weed wacker works well without the need for additional equipment. With a little practice, your can transform your weed wacker into a quick and easy edging tool.


Lawn Fertilizing Service

Just like we need more nutrients than water can provide to survive, so does your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn 4 times a year helps it stay green and grow thick. Maintaining a thick, lush lawn helps prevent weed seeds from sprouting and moving in.

Like your teeth or your health, it's easier to keep your lawn at its best with an ounce of prevention. Just feed your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks to keep it looking nice and worry-free.


Lawn Aeration Service

Aeration is one of the best ways to get a thick, lush lawn worth living on. Removing small plugs of turf breaks up thatch, the layer of dead grass that builds up on your lawn, and allows more water, oxygen and fertilizer to get to your lawn's roots. Which means your lawn gets more of what it needs to grow stronger and healthier.

Consider aeration if you see thin or bare patches, water puddles in your lawn after it rains or too much thatch.


Power Raking Service

Power raking is the more aggressive approach to taking thatch out of your lawn. This process involves a machine about the size of a push mower that uses mechanical flails to literally dig the thatch out of your lawn. It can pick up 2 ½ – 4 times more thatch than dethatching. Power raking is for lawns with a serious thatch problem.


Lawn Seeding Service

Planting grass seed is an economical and satisfying way to expand the green space around your home or improve your existing lawn. In order to enjoy successful grass establishment and all the benefits seeding offers, follow these eight steps to grow a lush, inviting green lawn:

Seed Delivery
Rolled Grass

Lawn/Sod Installation Service

Sod installation is used for immediate results in new and existing landscapes. Whether you are changing grass types, have new construction, or your lawn needs patching, installing new sod is the quickest way to have a lush yard. We have the experience and know-how to install sod properly and ensure the roots are able to become established quickly. Before work begins, an on-site evaluation is performed to take measurements, choose the correct grass type, and diagnose any landscape issues that might cause short and  long-term problems. If any corrections need to be made, we will recommend solutions before any grass is planted in the yard.


Does your lawn need some love? Contact us today! 

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