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Tree & Hedge Care Service | Victoria BC

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Tree Pruning
Hedge Trimming
Shrub & Bush Shaping

Tree Pruning Service


Trees encroaching on your personal space? Call us out to prune them back. Not only will you reclaim your property, you'll prevent any disease or decay from spreading, increase sun exposure and air circulation and encourage healthy new growth!

Hedge Trimming Service


One of the most important reasons to trim your hedges is to keep them healthy. You get the added benefit of clearing space and making everything look neat and tidy.

Larger hedges can be challenging to trim, it's important you have the right tools and safety gear to take on the job. Call us to come out there and get it done quick and easy!

Shrub & Bush Shaping Service


If your shrubs and bushes are getting a little unwieldy we can come manicure them for you. We have electric and manual machines built for the job. We will haul off all the clippings and finish up with the blower to make everything spick and span.

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