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Yard Care Service | Victoria BC

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Yard work – it can be hard work, and it's okay to ask for help. You don't want to spend hours hand trimming your hedges nor do you want to research, purchase, store and maintain hedge trimmers you might only use once a year. Instead hire us to clip your hedges, prune your trees with the latest and greatest power tools. Then utilize our five ton dump truck to haul out all that yard wast that doesn't fit in your green bin!

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Yard Waste Removal
Spring Cleaning Service
Yard Junk Removal

Yard Waste Removal


Lawn clippings, a mountain of dead weeds, old mulch, excess dirt, stumps, tree branches... whatever green waste you have we can load and dispose of it for you.

Our dump truck can handle tons of waste, literally! Don't break your back and dirty your vehicle doing multiple trips to the dump.

Spring Cleaning Service


We call it the spring cleaning service but we can do it any season.

Maybe it's weeding that garden bed that was neglected for over a year, gathering up dead branches and leaves, trimming trees, hedges, bushes and shrubs or rejuvenating your lawn.


Whatever it is, we can get you and your yard feeling fresh again.

Yard Junk Removal


Got a pile of waste from that last renovation killing your grass? Old junk you'd like to evict once and for all from your garage?

Our team can load it up and get it out of your life Marie Kondo style!

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