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While we all love the look and lifestyle a garden offers not all of us have the tools and time it takes to maintain one. Whether your garden could grace the cover of Better Homes and Gardens or is a weed ravaged eye sore we can make things easier for you.

First we get to the root of weed problem – by digging them all out. Then we can deploy landscaping cloth and proper mulching as a fist line of defence. This will not only deter weed growth it will help also help the pants you love fortify their position.

Now with a just an hour a week of preventative maintain your garden will thrive and look its best. 

Garden Weeding
Garden Mulching
Garden Cultivating
Garden Edging

Garden Weeding Service


If you don't weed your garden regularly things can quickly get out of hand and the task can seem overwhelming.

Let us come conquer your weeds be it a one time blitzkrieg or ongoing offensive.

New Plantings

New Growth

Looking to add something new to your garden? We can consult with you about which soil, flowers, trees and shrubs will be best suited to your garden and then purchase, deliver, and plant them for you ensuring we create optimal growing conditions.

Garden Design


Not sure what shape garden you want or what you'd like to grow. No problem, we can come over and give you some ideas and design the perfect garden with you.

Garden Mulching Service


Mulching benefits your garden in so many ways, it retains moisture so you can water less, nourishes your plants, keeps weeds and bay and the few that do inevitably take up residence are much easier to evict.

Glenwood Garden Works can deliver and install the right quantity and quality of mulch in your garden at the right price. 

Garden Renovation Service


If you're looking to enlarge, reduce or just rearrange your garden we can help.

Glenwood had two decades of experience renovating gardens all over Vancouver Island.

Garden Cultivating Service


We can revitalize your garden through manually or mechanically fluffing your mulch which will help with water retention, weed control and make your garden beds look new again.

Garden Edging


Hire Glenwood to install garden edging that will help keep weeds out, water in and define your landscaping.

New Plantings
Garden Renovation
Garden Design
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